Update on the 84th Annual Convention

Dear Federation Members and Friends,

We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation as updates are provided. As of the latest update from the Federal government officials and task force, large gatherings could be impacted as late as July or August. Our online convention registration is live, but no final decision has been made if we will be forced to cancel the event. If our annual convention should be impacted, we will know well before the 100% refund deadline, and those will be issued immediately once we are clear about how this situation will affect the convention.

Many prayers for us all to stay sane, healthy, and sanitized during this uncertain time. Much thanks to all our members on the front lines helping treat those affected, and special intentions for them to remain healthy throughout this time.

We hope to have this all behind us and to share in a celebration with you all this July. In the meantime, God bless and protect you all and your families.


Yasmine Al Abdul Raheem
MFASLC President